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This is an great podcast!! This show offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!! This show is a must listen!!

Ect Ect

Good podcast. Have enjoyed the more laid back and actually interview format the last few months vs the original format. Still miss the OG power cast but some loser had to ruin the best lifting related podcast ever with His selfishness. Keep up the good content guys! Ect Ect

Awesome Podcast!!

Jim, host of the 50% Facts podcast, highlights all aspects of health & fitness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Just a good sometimes educational time

Great concept for a podcast where we can actually learn something while having a little fun. It’s a great listen for anytime specially during these crazy stay inside times we are living these days. Keep rocking it the best episodes are when you bring in Omar or just don’t necessary have a planned topic and planned/not planned insanity ensues!!!

Love the approach to these health and fitness topics!

I really like the way Mike and Jim approach various topics in the health and fitness space. First kicking the topic back and forth with their own knowledge and experience then bringing in an expert to dive even deeper. Great idea and delivery!

Good stuff

My boys tell it like it is!


Mike talks like a mob boss now. Ditch the act.

This show is real

This podcast with Jim and Mike allowed me to heal my relationship with Depression. Helped me heal my relationship with overcoming anxiety. When you listen to this podcast, it’s like sitting in the room and quietly listening to your heroes having a normal conversation together.

Get in on this!

Excellent podcast! Mike & Jim get after awesome topics. What’s best about the show is that the content they offer comes to you in and out of their excellent rapport. You feel like you’re sitting with them chatting. Very entertaining. Secondly, the content is easy to retain, transferable, and helpful in that what the guest experts offer are is content that you could apply today to your life. Good, good stuff.

Awesome show!

Jim, Mike, and their weekly guest bring the perfect mix of banter and information. Love this show.

Fun informational podcast

this one is great for the condensed information and the top notch industry experts he brings in.

Great cast

Great podcast guys, no BS. Love it.

Dive in

Learn more than you thought there was to know about common topics in a short time in an easy to understand manner with some laughs thrown in

Excellent Listen!!

Great to hear a conversation that normally takes place with my buddies and I, but bringing in the expert is where it's at!! Totally relatable to most of my daily thoughts and convos!!

100% dope!

Great podcast - informative, humorous, and thought provoking. Mike and Jim are entertaining media personalities and surround themselves with the brightest subject matter experts. Definitely worth a listen at the gym, work, toilet, or wherever you enjoy podcasts.

Great content except too much unrelated content at the beginning

I love the idea and the content related to the conversation but please cut down on all the unrelated tangents for the first 15 minutes of the podcast.


Excited to hear you guys back together. Ready for all the good, entertaining content to come.

Thank you!

As someone who isn’t deep in the fitness game it is nice to have a resource to help me understand what everyone is talking about haha Thanks guys keep it up!


Did I just listen to the final episode of one of my favorite podcasts? Please help.

Great convo - heavy breathing!

If you want to hear some info on powerlifting, dieting, strength sports, and some cool interviews all interspersed with very heavy breathing - you’ve come to the right place! Fellow fat boys, rejoice! The time is now to continue our pursuit of strength, as slowly and as gracefully as our bodies will let us.

Greatest podcast for the fitness industry!!

Lots of great info and they do a really good job of keeping you entertained as well. I usually struggle to get through an entire podcast but mark's hilarious and I have no problem listening through one of his entire episodes.

Great content

Mark is inspiring and the content is amazing. 10/10 would recommend.

Solid Podcast

One of the many podcasts that I have on rotation. Whether its training related, or just rants about life philosophy, I consistently enjoy the content. I find myself coming to this one at times where I'm in the mood for some entertainment and some laughs as well as solid training content and principles

More than Power

Mark and Jim talk a wide range of topics generally centered around nutrition and power lifting but also general fitness. They talk life, goals, and motivating topics that have a place in all aspects of life not just specific to “fitness industry.” And they have on some pretty great guests and bring quite a bit of comedy to the listener as well.

Love the Bell bros ! 💙, Bucks

Amazing! Love this Smelly!

Lots of Love

I have listened to almost all of the episodes and have listened to many multiple times. IF YOU WANT TO BIG AND STRONG!! Then you should listen to ... ... ... Just kidding, GO LIFT SOME HEAVY WEIGHT AND DO IT OFFEN. Then repeat for the rest of your life. And don't eat like a you know what. But if you want to listen to some the great minds of the sport/lifestyle of lifting weights and being healthy than this is the podcast for you. They might have some big ol swol muscles and look intimidating, but they got bigger hearts and all they want to do is help you, the listener, by getting you quality information. Thankfully they do it in a very entertaining and fun way. I'm constantly laughing out loud listening to these guys and there guests. Thank you for all that you do!

Great podcast

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It has great information with some humor.

Funny, informational, and motivating

Number one is this podcast is hilarious. Mark Bell is great and interacts so well with everyone. The typical dude humor is perfect here and I can't get enough. Jim Mcd is a great co-host and brings a viewpoint of the regular guy, has great questions, and just fits right in. There are a lot of great guests and great information from both the guest and Mark himself. Marks simple approach of hard work and consistency is a motivating attitude and I always can't wait for the next episode.

Best part of my days

Great podcast. Listen whenever I'm cooking/cleaning/driving. I had a question for the crew: for people who work out early in the morning, how do you suggest to warm up the body? As someone who only has the opportunity to workout in the early AM, it's really hard to get my joints and muscles warm at 5 am or so. Much love guys!

Awesome Podcast

I love this podcast. Mark and Jim really make you feel like apart of their community. Would love to go and lift with those guys. Keep on keeping on!!

Great stuff

Love listening.

Great Podcast

Becoming a regular listener now. Always good information, entertaining, and if you are into any type of lifting there is always good information. Pumped there are two a week now!

Great podcast

Listen to it almost everyday in the car.

Great content

I really appreciate this podcast and the way Smelly breaks everything down. These guys make me lift harder, train smarter, and above all keep me Entertained when I’m bored as hell at work. Good luck on the new gym fellas! Ps, more brian A, Alan Thrall and that jacked lady from Toronto with bushy eyebrows and nip slips. She always has some fun stuff? Plus she’s super strong.

The most entertaining fitness podcast out there!

This show makes my hour commute super enjoyable! Mark and Jim are awesome together and the content is both entertaining and informative. Great humor, great guests, and great content! Super excited they are moving to 2x per week as well!

Great podcast!

Very entertaining and informative!

The best

Great guest, great information, great humor. Must have podcast for any athlete.

The Best

Very good show. I miss Silent Mikke.

Awesome show

Love this podcast. You guys are hilarious and keep it real. Love the content and the conversations. Thanks guys! Keep it up!

Helps keep me motivated!!!

Love this podcast. Super informative, and it's helped me greatly!


Top 3 fitness podcasts!!!

Best podcast

This is the only podcast that I listen to every week. It has the best guest and it's has helped me tremendously with my lifting. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

Love ST!!!!

Mark Bell and the ST crew have awesome guests and put out great information on the regular! Always giving me great things to think about and implement into my training and nutrition!

Funny and informative

I've learned a lot listening and was surprised by the funny banter.

Can't get enough

Been listening for a little over a year. By far one of my favorite podcast and always wanting more. Mark and Jim are awesome, please keep it coming.


Haven't missed an episode in over a year



Hard to find good Podcasts….this is 1!

The overall story of Mark is what drew me to the show but the quality of the show, guests and personalities is why I listen every week!

Awesome Podcast

Mark Bell, host of PowerCast, highlights all aspects of fitness and nutrition in this can't miss podcast. Mark, Jim and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Awesome for Strength Coaches and Athletes

Great podcast. Great guests. Relevant info presented in an understandable and entertaining way.

Consistently great!

Great podcast episode after episode!


Great mixture of humor, insight into powerlifting, and poop stories.

Love It

Always helps to keep me motivated and keep my training in perspective.

Well Rounded Podcast

I sincerely enjoy the Powercast. I got into this podcast because it was a way to hear candid and real talk about powerlifting, but this goes well beyond it. As a pretty sheltered human being, this is opening up so many black holes of interesting things and a lot of back and forth emotions. I've never laughed so much, thought so much, and seriously...I've cried more times than I probably should have. Thanks for putting on really great content and interesting human beings. I'd love to hear Andee on the podcast (unless she has been on before; I haven't gotten through all of the episodes). It's always awesome to hear strong women. I'm sure she has amazing poop stories!

Binge listening

Started at #1, up to #30. Can't stop.

Excellent content!!! Always new info

I can't believe how much Mark Bell's PowerCast has introduced me to new and interesting people and information. Mark and Jim are great together, hold funny and interesting conversations, and PROVIDE INFORMATION! This isn't just useless banter to hear themselves talk. They always get back to the point of providing information. Excellent content!

Best Fitness Podcast!

Even though I don't do much powerlifting, this is still my favorite podcast to listen to as they provide great insight and information about lifting in general. It's also nice to see fitness people who don't take themselves so seriously.

Listen to it twice!

This interview and #182 (part 2) are awesome! There's so much information in here that you definitely will want to listen to it twice. Enjoy!

Best ever

Best ever hands down

Learned a lot, in spite of these guys!

I look forward to the release of the Powercast. It's hilarious, occasionally educational, and motivational. Not just for hitting the gym but life and business as well. They also have the best poop stories around.

Great content

Informative content, interesting interviews and great advice. Also, Mark Bell's bald head is anabolic.

Quality stuff 98% of the time

When I first started listening about a year ago, it was hard to wait out until all of the stories about poop, penises, or other shenanigans would pass in order to get to the topic of the day. Now, they usually leave that stuff for the end(which is where it should be), if they ever do touch on it at all. Being a female powerlifter, I love listening to this podcast because it reminds me of my lifting sessions at home where I usually lift with all men. Being a person, I deeply appreciate the cerebral and emotional levels Mark and company go to when speaking on strength or just life in general. They took really aim to speak wisdom and truth out to the audience and the quality of the interviews has only gone up since I've started listening. Can't wait to see where this crew is at in a year from now. All the best to ST.

Hilarious and informative

Great podcast , Mark and the gang allow varying opinions and discuss objectively.

Great show!!

Good and information and entertaining at the same time. Love the poop stories!

50% Facts , 100% Truth!

This Podcast has by far exceeded any expectations of the Knowledge , Experience and Honesty it brings forth to the listener. The guests always provide useful insight to training and diet techniques used by themselves and their guests. I have listened to about 90% of all the Podcasts to date and would recommend that anyone interested in bettering themselves in ANY modality of fitness, Male or Female, give it a listen. Thanks Mark,Jim and Mike

Well Done!

Love hearing a man who knows how to do podcasting right!

Great show.

Light, funny and informative. A great podcast with excellent guests.

Best podcast ever

Always funny. Great guests. Tons of knowledge being passed on. And poop stories!!!!

Great Show!

Currently my favorite podcast. Love the mix between training, information, personal stories and nonsense. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Pretty good stuff

Intelligent, entertaining and informative. I lift and enjoy this while working or working out. I just wish they had MORE!!!

Always a great show

Thanks for the show and the content!

Best fitness podcast

Hands-down the best fitness podcasts in the universe. Love listening to all the guys and all the great guests that they have come on. Mark Bell is so generous to give so much to the sport of fitness and powerlifting for free. Definitely support these guys in anyway you can! Super training rocks!!


Great info

❤️ You Guys



Great topics. I wish it was recorded more often.

Great podcast every episode

I love listening to this podcast and I always get something useful out of every episode. It's a great listen during my morning commute or during my cardio! I'll def miss Silent Mike though :(

Awesome guys!!

Always a pleasure to hear them give you some education along with some great laughs. Definitely the type of guys you'd want to hang out with!


10/10 would bang

Great podcast

I love these guys and they deserve all the 5 star ratings in the world!


Always funny

Great podcast

Actually got turned on to PowerCast because I'm a follower of Dana Lynn and Rob Bailey. I was pretty intrigued with the way the podcast was directed yet free flowing.

Awesome Podcast

Awesome Podcast


So many people in the fitness industry are just boring, but Mark and Mike are entertaining in and of themselves, but they are also able to make their guests at least bearable. Keep up the great work boys!

Great Podcast

The powercast is always funny and informative, sometimes even inspirational. Love their talks even from the perspective of a female!

Great podcast

Love this podcast. Mark and Silent Mike have an excellent command of the mic, with great insight into interesting topics on powerlifting, working out, MMA, diet, Etc. Loved the episode with Charles Poliquin, he's awesome. Keep up the good work.

Great content for people who lift heavy things!

Highly recommended for anyone who is into powerlifting and or into strength training. Thanks for the awesome information and keeping it lighthearted! And the 2 part interview with Charles Poliquin was great!


I don't ever review podcasts, but this is SO worth!

Great Podcast for heavy lifters and fitness enthusiasts.

Love this podcast for bringing on some of the best names in powerlifting and fitness and asking the questions on training and lifestyle the common man wants to know! Keep it up guys!



Love this podcast

Just discovered this podcast, so I've been listening to all the old episodes. I'm not sure how important it is now, but I figured I should still leave a good review for this fun and hilarious podcast.


Great show

Power cast

The best lifting and nonsense podcast out there

Best Strength Podcast

Good variety of people interviewed and a lot of good information given by people who don't take themselves too seriously.

Best Strength Podcast!

Between the guests, the poop jokes and the information, I don't know what can top it. All three hosts are funny, insightful and entertaining. Keep it up!

You Will Not Be Disappointed

Knowledge, experience, confidence, sincerity, truth, and real life is what you will get. Honest and to the point. Valuable information. Throw in a bit of humor, sarcasm, and humility and you've got yourself one heck of an awesome Podcast with amazing hosts and super cool guests!

Always great!

Always an interesting show!

Love it!!

Funny and informative af, highly recommend it!

My new favorite fitness podcast!

This podcast is great after having followed the ST team on social media for years now I am stoked to listen to top performers in the fitness industry on the Powercast.

Greatest podcast out there

Great listen and great info

Hilariously Insightful

The powercast is very diverse

Love this show!

The wide range of guest just keeps getting better and better! Plus the poop stories!!! The best out there!

Great Content, Never Boring

Mark Bell's PowerCast is one of the best podcasts out there. Whether you are into powerlifting or not, this podcast covers the full spectrum of fitness. Maintain solid conversation flow with general banter with their guests. A huge plus are the poop stories. Give a listen to the latest podcast with Matt Vincent and his brother. Best story I have heard thus far. Had me in tears!

Powercast and poop stories

Best podcast around! Full of great interviews with powerful guest and great information to pass on to the masses! Smelly, Silent Mike and Jim McD are funny, knowledgeable and most importantly entertaining. Only podcast I have the release day memorized. Keep up the good work, the solid benchen and the hilarious bathroom shenanigans! - Noah

These guys are great

I've been listening to the power cast for about a year and a half and it's become part of my weekly routine. I love these guys. Great guests and great questions from the hosts along with often hilarious and occasionally useful and/or insightful commentary.

Good stuff

Listening to this podcast has made my powerlifting total go up 7 pounds and my body fat percentage double and I wouldn't trade it for a thing. Great stuff here kids.


Discovered the powercast early in 2016 and have been listening non stop ever since. The guys are hilarious and the guests are awesome. I typically listen to one on the way to and from work everyday. Can't get enough.

An erotic experience

Every time I listen to Mark Bell, Silent Mike, and Jim, I flood my basement. Listen. You will never have a more sensual experience than listening to three men - and occasionally a special guest - talk about smashing big weights, eating food, and telling hilarious poop stories. Sexy, entertaining, and educational. What more could you possibly ask for?

Best info and stories

Love this podcast

The best.

Funny, informative, always entertaining. This podcast motivates and teaches me so much. 💯💯💯

Great podcast!

Best podcast you will find if you are a powerlifter!

Great podcast

I've been listening to the podcast for probably the past year. As someone who lives in a small town in southern Ohio this has been my go to when it comes to "Coaching" me through my venture into the powerlifting wilderness. Also the most recent one with the fella from the UFC was really interesting. It's crazy some of the interviews you guys get that people like MMA hours would love to get! Also @SilentMike go Cav's!

Best gym genre podcast yet!!!

I have listen to many lifting and fitness podcast over the years and the power cast is by far the best. They have such a good group of hosts and keep it entertaining with great guests.


Great podcast

Great Podcast!

It's one of my weekly must listen to podcasts. Hilarious and informative!

Love it

Love it.


If you're into lifting weights especially powerlifting this podcast is for you. Great Info and Fun To listen to


Great content and very entertaining.

Strong White Noise

"Power Cast" is the best assistance work to my job.


My favorite podcast on fitness and poop

Hey now!!!!

Excelente 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿


Love it

My favorite podcast of all time.

Training philosophies, elite athletes, programming, poop stories, what else is there to love?

Totally awesome!

Knowledge, humor, great guests, and poop stories. Really doesn't get much better than this!!

Great podcast

Great podcast, mark bell is a great educator. I've learned a lot from listening this podcast. These guys are also hilarious, funny when need to be and also hilarious when they should be.💩

Hands down one of the best!

Seriously this is the best powerlifting podcast out there one of the best overall fitness podcasts.

Informative, Entertaining, Funny

I'll start in total honesty by saying most of the time I'm not at all familiar with the people they interview on the podcast. That said, any release is always informative to some useful degree. The guys are thoughtful, and funny in ways that I typically go for. They seem like genuine people that love what they do and know exactly how to do it while imparting their wisdom to us with great clarity.

Great Show

Hilarious and Informative


Great podcast! Always information and never boring. Good way to start your day and get a good laugh and some motivation at the same time

Down to Earth bro's bro's

Just good hearted down to earth individuals who seem to understand that humbleness isn't an overrated quality.

awesome podcast

it's a lituation

Great podcast for lifters

Funny and informative, though sometimes a bit obscene, always an interesting listen!

Love it

I think I'm the 14th female listener? Haha love it keep it up guys!

Came for MegSquats, Stayed for the Puss

Is it wrong that I now want Meg Gallagher to be my mom? Real talk about poverty mindset, anger issues, and loose pelvic floors: everything a power lifter needs to hear. Mark Bell and Silent Mike are ok too, I guess.


As a young lifter listening, your knowledge throughout this podcast will do nothing short of magnify my powerlifting career. Even if you aren't into powerlifting it is definitely worth taking the hour or so out to listen to the truths spoken by these individuals. They are hysterical, honest and straight up. And the motivation after listening to be a better lifter and overall greater person is amazing. Highly recommend and will absolutely turn your day around.

Meh Squats Episode

Really great listen. Meg gives me hope and inspiration that if I keep working hard my life is gonna get better. Also I have basically the same poop story... I still haven't told my friend what she did. Shhhh

My go-to Podcast

In my ever present search for gaining knowledge in the powerlifting community, Mark Bell's Powercast ranks near the top. Listening on the way to and from work (sometimes at work) helps me learn from the best while enjoying the jokes, and the wide array of guests to learn from. From crossfit athletes to bodybuilders, famous wrestlers to touring artists and many in between, the topics give me a new insight to the sport that I don't think I could get elsewhere. The show has even given me some key tips to my first powerlifting meet that I would have never thought of. The experience, comedy and wealth of knowledge on the show is unmatched. Give it a listen!

Shitastrophies and strippers!

Great hard hitting questions with @megsquats today! Real talk about riding the crimson tide through training, dirty dancing, and growing up hard to become awesome today! Loved it! Keep bringing the good stuff Mark!

Love Mark Bell

Always been a fan of his videos, but never tried the podcast until this weekend when I saw Megsquats was on there. Glad I finally tried it!

Meatheads welcome

If you enjoy playing with barbells or are intrigue by the bowel movements of strong men, this podcast is the one you seek.

Great Podcast - Really Insightful

I'm not much of a podcast listener but I enjoyed the episodes I listened to so far. Great content. Informative. Entertaining. Not a boring minute with these guys. Their guests are awesome too! Continue with the great content!

Love these guys

10/10 expert journalism in the Powerlifting and strength world. Awesome banter. Great guys and guests.


Have been binging on this podcast, great guests, hilarious commentary and stories and super educational.

Always funny

Not always the best persons for the show. Subbed for Powerlifting.

Pure Gainz

Everyone loves a good poop story

Life Changer

This show has taught me so much about powerlifting and makes me feel better about myself and my training. Without this I wouldn't be progressing in my training. Thank you for all the great content and products you create.

Great podcast!

I've relistened to these episodes again and again! Very funny! great content awesome guests!

Love It!!

I look forward to every Wednesday! The guys at super training are hilarious and always put out great content whether life, lifting, or poop stories!

Great podcast

An awesome podcast to listen to. I started listening a week ago and have become hooked. It's full of education and humor...what more could you want?

Entertaining and educational

tl;dr: Informative and entertaining show about lifting, fitness, nutrition, and poop. Give it a full episode or two before you decide if it's for you, you may not get it within the first 10-20 minutes. I'm a powerlifter, and the first time I listened to the show all I heard was BS and poop stories for 20 minutes, so I moved on. Came back to the podcast a few months after that because there was an episode with Layne Norton and I really wanted to hear what he had to say as his nutrition advice is always on point. More BS and poop stories, but I sat through it and became hooked. I went back to the beginning and have listened to every episode. The "BS" sections of the show help you get to know Jim, Mike, and Mark. Although I've never met them, the show listens like you are sitting with a bunch of your lifting buddies chatting and talking about training.

Great show. A must listen even if you don't lift.

I listen all day long while at work, I love the show, so far as of today I've listened to the a little more than half of all the episodes. I can honestly say because of the amount of info and just how funny each episode is once I finish every episode, I can go back and re-listen to them all. This show has taught me so much about lifting and the sport of powerlifting. Thanks guys for giving me something awesome and funny to listen to every day.


Fantastic! Always delivering with new up to date content. Great how they relate to current events for discussions! A must listen for anyone interested in not only lifting, but all around strength specifics

Great podcast

Best weightlifting podcast by far

No better pod cast

Great info period. Keep it up guys. Thank you.

Favorite podcast

I look forward to the powercast to come out every Wednesday and without a doubt it's there every Wednesday! 👍👍👍

Best dam fitness podcast!?!

Just finished listening to all the past podcast since their beginning. All around great discussions on all aspects of fitness. They are not biased on any diet or way of working out. I've listed to other fitness podcast and all put me to sleep. Subscribe and you will hear motivation, awesome fitness advice, and the best dam poop stories!!!

Perfect mix of information and entertainment!

These guys are top notch. You'll learn a ton and them and their guests will top off your motivation tanks. I've put 100 pounds on all my lifts since I started listening and my even my wife has commented on how tapered my poops are. Seriously though, I've been listening for over a year and look forward to every episode. There's so much good info that I frequently go back and listen to past episodes. And these guys are just awesome and motivating. They give so much great info for free and you can see their passion for lifting and everything healthy.

A highlight of my week

This is one of the podcast I look forward to most each week. The dialogue has a TON of useful information, while it involves a lot of entertaining commentary. Definitely a good mix of everything needed for a powerlifting and fitness podcast.


Love this podcast good laughs and great advice.

Great Podcast

Very informative podcast, hilarious and one of the best podcast for powerlifting/weightlifting. Started on a whim and have been binge listening since (been about 2 weeks straight now)

Love this

I'm a football player and an aspiring power lifter and I love listening to this and watching all the YouTube videos. Constantly improving my form from all the advice given! Thank you guys

Lovin it!

Greatest relaxing time of my day. Laughing and learning.

Love it

Hilarious content, amazing guests, and great information. It is nice to hear from some of the greats.

One of the best fitness related podcasts!

The hosts are undeniably power lifters, but they cover a wide range of fitness disciplines from crossfit to Highland games. There is something for everyone that has interest in strength training. Most of the advice solicited here is centered around powerlifting (strength), and weight management. The guests offer their own perspectives on training and nutrition, keeping everything fresh.

Filth and Wisdom

Without filth, there can be no wisdom.


Funny and informational content.

Great Podcast But You Wont Beleive This Review...

Mark Bell and Silent mike are the Reasons i started powerlifting. They have always given great advise from many different perspectives. The one thing i dislike about this Podcast, a thorn in my side you could call it; is the old decrepit uninteligable Jim McDonald. I understand he is one of the founders of supertraining gym and the podcast, and has probably created a numerous amount of oportunities and added revenue to the Mark Bell Brand but from what i see he is inevitably slowing down progression of the podcast. Anyways I love the Podcast keep up the good work!!!

Great Pod Cast

Awesome Pod Cast. Sometimes super funny, sometimes super educational. Always entertaining.

Freaking awesome!

Mark, Silent Mike, and Jim provide useful tips and stories, along with great guests. They do all this with the perfect balance of fart and poop stories and make an educated yet funny podcast!


My second favorite podcast. Always interesting and informative. Never would have thought a podcast covering powerlifting, bodybuilding, and cross fit would be interesting or change my life. This one certainly has. Thanks guys.

A Must Listen

Informative and Hilarious and even inspiring

#War on carbs

Down 15lbs. 60 more to go. Thanks for keeping me motivated. Mark always says this is the best diet for fat f*cks.

Highly Entertaining

Mark, Mike and Jim are very fun to listen to and they know how to make the podcast quite informative and hilarious at the same time.

Totally awesoooome

New fave poscast, cant get enough

Love this podcast!

This podcast gets me through every night at work. The poop stories are golden! If you're looking for lifting and humor you've come to the right place.

Awesome podcast

Great info, great poop stories. Always entertaining. Which you had more podcast per week. Keep up the great job, John

Great podcast

Very entertaining


Huge fan 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Performance enhancing

Be Careful if you are listening to this at a meet because you may test positive. Still not sure for what though

Must listen!

A must listen podcast for anyone looking to win a million dollars. Host Mark Bell is having a year long million dollar giveaway.

Awesome and informative

I love this podcast!! Super informative

Always Awesome

Powercast never fails! No matter the mood you're in or the guest that is featured, it will always be entertaining and you'll learn somthing! Thanks Mark Bell!!!

Worth it

This podcast is funny entertaining and informative. This is a good time invested podcast makes me actually like work

"One of the only females who listen" as they say. lol

I love these guys!! Great show with no BS. Very funny, very motivating and always great guests on the show. They say they have very few females that listen and if so thats shame. More women in this sport should tune in. (Im not a 250lbs lesbian with facial hair either lol) but I love this show and since listening, I have improved my dead lift and squat. All the good advice and things not to do is awesome when you hear it from the pros. Its a show worth subscribing to! I live in upstate NY and wish i lived on the west coast just to train at Marks gym.. One day lol

Hilarious and Informative

I listen to this podcast every week during my commute to work. Helps start the day off right!

Another Female Listener

Gotta help this sausage fest... But seriously someone answer my question of whether you guys sit or stand when you wipe! 💩

Daily listener

Listen nearly every day, love the advice, commentary and variety of guests throughout the community. Just a regular guy from MD new to the sport of powerlifting and these guys have invariably been the biggest source of information. Keep up the great work guys!!


Thanks to marksmellybell and silentmike, I'm motivated and crushing it.

An atom bomb of comedy & powerlifting knowledge

Mark alongside his sidekicks (Mike and Jim) provide one of the best podcasts because they combine their years of powerlifting knowledge with their unique sense of humor. I think what sets them apart from the rest is the connection that they have with all of their guests. Will continue to be an avid listener!

Love the powercast

Silent Mike and Mark Bell are awesome and love the show.

Awesome, listen to on way to the gym

Listen to on the way to and from the gym, gets me ready for the workout. Nice blend of humor and knowledge!


Great blend of informative content and humor. Definitely recommended.

Lifting and Laughing

You'll laugh, sometimes cry, learn a little something. You'll end up hungry and a little horny. This is Mark Bell's PowerCast!!

Best Podcast on ITunes.

I ran across Mark and Mike on one of Stone Cold's podcast and been listening to ya since. Great information with even better humor. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the 411.

Feels good in my ears

I listen every week. Can we be best friends now?




Informative, funny, awesome. No better place to hear grown men talk about lifting weights and pooping.

Hilarious! Great Knowledge of Lifting!

This show is awesome! Talk about pieces and parts of a bunch of episodes daily. So much fun to listen to. On top of that get some great info on how to improve my lifting. Keep up the great work guys!