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Awesome Podcast

I love this podcast. Mark and Jim really make you feel like apart of their community. Would love to go and lift with those guys. Keep on keeping on!!

Great stuff

Love listening.

Great Podcast

Becoming a regular listener now. Always good information, entertaining, and if you are into any type of lifting there is always good information. Pumped there are two a week now!

Great podcast

Listen to it almost everyday in the car.

Great content

I really appreciate this podcast and the way Smelly breaks everything down. These guys make me lift harder, train smarter, and above all keep me Entertained when I’m bored as hell at work. Good luck on the new gym fellas! Ps, more brian A, Alan Thrall and that jacked lady from Toronto with bushy eyebrows and nip slips. She always has some fun stuff? Plus she’s super strong.

The most entertaining fitness podcast out there!

This show makes my hour commute super enjoyable! Mark and Jim are awesome together and the content is both entertaining and informative. Great humor, great guests, and great content! Super excited they are moving to 2x per week as well!

Great podcast!

Very entertaining and informative!

The best

Great guest, great information, great humor. Must have podcast for any athlete.

The Best

Very good show. I miss Silent Mikke.

Awesome show

Love this podcast. You guys are hilarious and keep it real. Love the content and the conversations. Thanks guys! Keep it up!

Helps keep me motivated!!!

Love this podcast. Super informative, and it's helped me greatly!


Top 3 fitness podcasts!!!

Best podcast

This is the only podcast that I listen to every week. It has the best guest and it's has helped me tremendously with my lifting. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

Love ST!!!!

Mark Bell and the ST crew have awesome guests and put out great information on the regular! Always giving me great things to think about and implement into my training and nutrition!

Funny and informative

I've learned a lot listening and was surprised by the funny banter.

Can't get enough

Been listening for a little over a year. By far one of my favorite podcast and always wanting more. Mark and Jim are awesome, please keep it coming.


Haven't missed an episode in over a year



Hard to find good Podcasts….this is 1!

The overall story of Mark is what drew me to the show but the quality of the show, guests and personalities is why I listen every week!

Awesome Podcast

Mark Bell, host of PowerCast, highlights all aspects of fitness and nutrition in this can't miss podcast. Mark, Jim and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Awesome for Strength Coaches and Athletes

Great podcast. Great guests. Relevant info presented in an understandable and entertaining way.

Consistently great!

Great podcast episode after episode!


Great mixture of humor, insight into powerlifting, and poop stories.

Love It

Always helps to keep me motivated and keep my training in perspective.

Well Rounded Podcast

I sincerely enjoy the Powercast. I got into this podcast because it was a way to hear candid and real talk about powerlifting, but this goes well beyond it. As a pretty sheltered human being, this is opening up so many black holes of interesting things and a lot of back and forth emotions. I've never laughed so much, thought so much, and seriously...I've cried more times than I probably should have. Thanks for putting on really great content and interesting human beings. I'd love to hear Andee on the podcast (unless she has been on before; I haven't gotten through all of the episodes). It's always awesome to hear strong women. I'm sure she has amazing poop stories!

Binge listening

Started at #1, up to #30. Can't stop.

Excellent content!!! Always new info

I can't believe how much Mark Bell's PowerCast has introduced me to new and interesting people and information. Mark and Jim are great together, hold funny and interesting conversations, and PROVIDE INFORMATION! This isn't just useless banter to hear themselves talk. They always get back to the point of providing information. Excellent content!

Best Fitness Podcast!

Even though I don't do much powerlifting, this is still my favorite podcast to listen to as they provide great insight and information about lifting in general. It's also nice to see fitness people who don't take themselves so seriously.

Listen to it twice!

This interview and #182 (part 2) are awesome! There's so much information in here that you definitely will want to listen to it twice. Enjoy!