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Best ever

Best ever hands down

Learned a lot, in spite of these guys!

I look forward to the release of the Powercast. It's hilarious, occasionally educational, and motivational. Not just for hitting the gym but life and business as well. They also have the best poop stories around.

Great content

Informative content, interesting interviews and great advice. Also, Mark Bell's bald head is anabolic.

Quality stuff 98% of the time

When I first started listening about a year ago, it was hard to wait out until all of the stories about poop, penises, or other shenanigans would pass in order to get to the topic of the day. Now, they usually leave that stuff for the end(which is where it should be), if they ever do touch on it at all. Being a female powerlifter, I love listening to this podcast because it reminds me of my lifting sessions at home where I usually lift with all men. Being a person, I deeply appreciate the cerebral and emotional levels Mark and company go to when speaking on strength or just life in general. They took really aim to speak wisdom and truth out to the audience and the quality of the interviews has only gone up since I've started listening. Can't wait to see where this crew is at in a year from now. All the best to ST.

Hilarious and informative

Great podcast , Mark and the gang allow varying opinions and discuss objectively.

Great show!!

Good and information and entertaining at the same time. Love the poop stories!

50% Facts , 100% Truth!

This Podcast has by far exceeded any expectations of the Knowledge , Experience and Honesty it brings forth to the listener. The guests always provide useful insight to training and diet techniques used by themselves and their guests. I have listened to about 90% of all the Podcasts to date and would recommend that anyone interested in bettering themselves in ANY modality of fitness, Male or Female, give it a listen. Thanks Mark,Jim and Mike

Well Done!

Love hearing a man who knows how to do podcasting right!

Great show.

Light, funny and informative. A great podcast with excellent guests.

Best podcast ever

Always funny. Great guests. Tons of knowledge being passed on. And poop stories!!!!

Great Show!

Currently my favorite podcast. Love the mix between training, information, personal stories and nonsense. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Pretty good stuff

Intelligent, entertaining and informative. I lift and enjoy this while working or working out. I just wish they had MORE!!!

Always a great show

Thanks for the show and the content!

Best fitness podcast

Hands-down the best fitness podcasts in the universe. Love listening to all the guys and all the great guests that they have come on. Mark Bell is so generous to give so much to the sport of fitness and powerlifting for free. Definitely support these guys in anyway you can! Super training rocks!!


Great info

❤️ You Guys



Great topics. I wish it was recorded more often.

Great podcast every episode

I love listening to this podcast and I always get something useful out of every episode. It's a great listen during my morning commute or during my cardio! I'll def miss Silent Mike though :(

Awesome guys!!

Always a pleasure to hear them give you some education along with some great laughs. Definitely the type of guys you'd want to hang out with!


10/10 would bang

Great podcast

I love these guys and they deserve all the 5 star ratings in the world!


Always funny

Great podcast

Actually got turned on to PowerCast because I'm a follower of Dana Lynn and Rob Bailey. I was pretty intrigued with the way the podcast was directed yet free flowing.

Awesome Podcast

Awesome Podcast


So many people in the fitness industry are just boring, but Mark and Mike are entertaining in and of themselves, but they are also able to make their guests at least bearable. Keep up the great work boys!

Great Podcast

The powercast is always funny and informative, sometimes even inspirational. Love their talks even from the perspective of a female!

Great podcast

Love this podcast. Mark and Silent Mike have an excellent command of the mic, with great insight into interesting topics on powerlifting, working out, MMA, diet, Etc. Loved the episode with Charles Poliquin, he's awesome. Keep up the good work.

Great content for people who lift heavy things!

Highly recommended for anyone who is into powerlifting and or into strength training. Thanks for the awesome information and keeping it lighthearted! And the 2 part interview with Charles Poliquin was great!


I don't ever review podcasts, but this is SO worth!

Great Podcast for heavy lifters and fitness enthusiasts.

Love this podcast for bringing on some of the best names in powerlifting and fitness and asking the questions on training and lifestyle the common man wants to know! Keep it up guys!