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Love this podcast

Just discovered this podcast, so I've been listening to all the old episodes. I'm not sure how important it is now, but I figured I should still leave a good review for this fun and hilarious podcast.


Great show

Power cast

The best lifting and nonsense podcast out there

Best Strength Podcast

Good variety of people interviewed and a lot of good information given by people who don't take themselves too seriously.

Best Strength Podcast!

Between the guests, the poop jokes and the information, I don't know what can top it. All three hosts are funny, insightful and entertaining. Keep it up!

You Will Not Be Disappointed

Knowledge, experience, confidence, sincerity, truth, and real life is what you will get. Honest and to the point. Valuable information. Throw in a bit of humor, sarcasm, and humility and you've got yourself one heck of an awesome Podcast with amazing hosts and super cool guests!

Always great!

Always an interesting show!

Love it!!

Funny and informative af, highly recommend it!

My new favorite fitness podcast!

This podcast is great after having followed the ST team on social media for years now I am stoked to listen to top performers in the fitness industry on the Powercast.

Greatest podcast out there

Great listen and great info

Hilariously Insightful

The powercast is very diverse

Love this show!

The wide range of guest just keeps getting better and better! Plus the poop stories!!! The best out there!

Great Content, Never Boring

Mark Bell's PowerCast is one of the best podcasts out there. Whether you are into powerlifting or not, this podcast covers the full spectrum of fitness. Maintain solid conversation flow with general banter with their guests. A huge plus are the poop stories. Give a listen to the latest podcast with Matt Vincent and his brother. Best story I have heard thus far. Had me in tears!

Powercast and poop stories

Best podcast around! Full of great interviews with powerful guest and great information to pass on to the masses! Smelly, Silent Mike and Jim McD are funny, knowledgeable and most importantly entertaining. Only podcast I have the release day memorized. Keep up the good work, the solid benchen and the hilarious bathroom shenanigans! - Noah

These guys are great

I've been listening to the power cast for about a year and a half and it's become part of my weekly routine. I love these guys. Great guests and great questions from the hosts along with often hilarious and occasionally useful and/or insightful commentary.

Good stuff

Listening to this podcast has made my powerlifting total go up 7 pounds and my body fat percentage double and I wouldn't trade it for a thing. Great stuff here kids.


Discovered the powercast early in 2016 and have been listening non stop ever since. The guys are hilarious and the guests are awesome. I typically listen to one on the way to and from work everyday. Can't get enough.

An erotic experience

Every time I listen to Mark Bell, Silent Mike, and Jim, I flood my basement. Listen. You will never have a more sensual experience than listening to three men - and occasionally a special guest - talk about smashing big weights, eating food, and telling hilarious poop stories. Sexy, entertaining, and educational. What more could you possibly ask for?

Best info and stories

Love this podcast

The best.

Funny, informative, always entertaining. This podcast motivates and teaches me so much. 💯💯💯

Great podcast!

Best podcast you will find if you are a powerlifter!

Great podcast

I've been listening to the podcast for probably the past year. As someone who lives in a small town in southern Ohio this has been my go to when it comes to "Coaching" me through my venture into the powerlifting wilderness. Also the most recent one with the fella from the UFC was really interesting. It's crazy some of the interviews you guys get that people like MMA hours would love to get! Also @SilentMike go Cav's!

Best gym genre podcast yet!!!

I have listen to many lifting and fitness podcast over the years and the power cast is by far the best. They have such a good group of hosts and keep it entertaining with great guests.


Great podcast

Great Podcast!

It's one of my weekly must listen to podcasts. Hilarious and informative!

Love it

Love it.


If you're into lifting weights especially powerlifting this podcast is for you. Great Info and Fun To listen to


Great content and very entertaining.

Strong White Noise

"Power Cast" is the best assistance work to my job.