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Both hilarious and educational. Sometimes I feel like I only come here to hear these guys BS. Still, one of the best sources for strength and fitness info anywhere.

Look forward to it each week

I first started listening about a month ago and loved it because I binge listened to all the episodes. Now that I'm all caught up I feel like one a week isn't enough! The show is funny and informative at the same dam time. You don't have to be a powerlifter, any athlete can learn a thing or two from this great podcast. Just don't be afraid of a little number 2 talk.

Super podcast!

Mark Bell's Powercast keeps me motivated and it's also funny. I find myself cracking up while I listen! Great job guys!

Great podcast

Thanks to Brandon Campbell I started listening to it and they make me laugh in every episode.

Don't be a dildo

It's ok to use one but not to be one... These and other timeless words of wisdom await from the funniest and wisest guys in strength. If you love lifting, crossfit, or just busting your awesome to get more awesome every day, ou owe it to yourself to listen to this show and edutainment yourself with some of the strongest cats in history.

Killer show

Excellent mix of toilet humor, valuable lifting info, and impressive guests. I really thought listening about lifting would be impossible because it's so visibly demanding but these guys have it together perfectly.


Love it

Great source

Powercast is a great source of information and look at trends in lifting. The audio is sometimes questionable and it is a little more poop orientated than the usual podcast, but all in all it is a superior show and well worth listening to.

A Must have go any athlete

Great mix of information and humor! A guaranteed laugh every time I listen.

A must listen!

These guys bring great information with a lot of humor, and it will keep you listening to episode after episode. They bring on guests from all around the fitness industry so its great for anyone who loves to be fit and train.


You know how, when you’re hanging out with friends, you’re trying to tell a 5 minute story, but it ends up taking 25 minutes because of the interruptions and tangents? The PowerCast is, consistently, the most interrupted and tangential podcast EVER. Which is great! In between all the stories and digressions, there’s great guests, great advice, and basically a great resource. Just be sure you’re ready for constant discussions of poops with those guests, as well as reviews of how tightly someone’s singlet was fitting at the last competition. #mooseknuckle


Perfect blend of humor and powerlifting.


Organic, dynamic, informative and utterly hilarious. It’s more like hanging out with old friends than listening to a radio show. Top marks.

If you’re into fitness, this is a must!

Mark a company do a great job of relaying great lifting and performance information in a hilarious way.