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Studly podcast

I love this podcast! Mark and the guys keep it funny while sharing tons of good info and interviewing noteworthy ppl from the industry. Hilarious and entertaining!

Best podcast ever

I love eventing about it

Best podcast!!!!

Amazing just listen to 1 and you will be hooked.

All I listen to!

I learned about this podcast on ST's youtube, started listening and got hooked! Ive listened all day at work the last month or so and have gone through every one. We need more!

Great podcast

Funniest podcast of all time with chunks of important information spread throughout

For all things lifting

Hilarious and informative

Great for anyone involved in fitness

This podcast covers just about anything you can think of, and is very informative.

10/10 podcast

After listening to this podcast my benchpress increased by 20 pounds.

Great podcast!

Funny and informative. Mark Bell and Silent Mike are great hosts. Shoutout from NYC!

Mandatory Listening

If you are interested in increasing your squat or deadlift strength...stop what you're doing and subscribe. Tons of gold here. Mark is funny, smart and a wealth of knowledge.


Greatest podcast ever

Best podcast farts down

If you don't like this podcast there is seriously something wrong with you.


Always entertaining and they've had some great guests on. All of these guys are freaking hilarious with a wealth of knowledge to share. My only complaint is that everytime iTunes downloads an episode it shows up twice as long and whenever I pause the episode it never picks back up in the same place.

best one like it

maybe it's because im a guy in my late 20's, but i love this podcast, its entertaining, and informative. These guys are the real deal

The best podcast

Just started listening to this but been following Mark Bell on YouTube and use the sling shot. Listening to this while I drive long distance. Easily keeps my drives more enjoyable.

50 shades of iron awesomeness

Da da da daa da, I'm lovin' it.


Hands down the most entertaining podcast out there!!!

Everything I’m looking for in a podcast

Come on! Do you want some serious, no bs, info on powerlifting and nutrition? Do you want to be entertained while learning what works and what doesn’t? Do you want to hear the pros and the up and comers interviewed in a sometimes unique way? Then you want to listen to this podcast.


This is the greatest Podcast that I listen to. It has a lot of good laughs and excellent advise. They are always bringing in great people around the industry. May all your poops be tapered.

Listen to this or else

If you like poop jokes, pec decks, N.O.Explode and powerlifting then you are in the right place. Listen to this podcast. If you don't then choke yourself. Not with my hand. With yours.

Great podcast!

Sarcasm and training at it's finest!!!



Week-to-week Reward

These guys have fun and it shows. They display a strong combination of passion, humor, and knowledge that's entertaining and informative. Listeners should leverage this combination for themselves by going out and doing some information gathering and making open-minded lifestyle changes. Strength is never a weakness, and thanks PowerCast!

These guys are great

With a nugget of knowledge here and there people new to powerlifting can pick up some wisdom from this power cast. Even an old dog might learn a few new tricks. But the powerlifting talk isn’t even the best part of this podcast. The banter between Mark, Mike, Jim and the guests is freakin' hilarious. It reminds me of a couple of my buds hanging out at the bicycle shop in the not so distant past telling a string of dick, fart, and poop jokes. And I’ll throw this out there, if you are easily offended or are disgusted by talk of poop, steer clear. There is an unnatural amount of poop talk that goes on in the 60-90 minute podcast and I love every second of it. Keep it up guys!


Great bits on training. The Wendler podcast was awesome!! I was laughing my arse off @ the Matt Vincent podcast!! Funny stuff keep it up guys !!!

Absolutely worth a listen

Anybody who has listened to Mark Bell on his videos knows he is hilarious. Multiply it by 100 with Silent Mike and Jim McD. The various guests (Powerlifting legend Ed Coan, Brandon Lilly, Eric Lilliebridge, etc.) all add a great level of humor as well. There are many times at work where I have to cover my mouth and fake cough because the show gets hysterical. While it obviously revolves around powerlifting, prepare for some of the most hilarious side jokes and stories in the world (i.e., Ed Coan's poop story). You cannot pass this show up.

Awesome is an appropriate description...

Great material in an entertaining format... plus they got me putting more carbs and reps in my program. Highly recommended!

Perfect content

This podcast is informative as well as hilarious everyone into lifting should definitely download this. Especially if you wanna know about deep cheeks and skwaats


My idol Mark Bell interviews all my favorite athletes. On the best podcast of all time. Is there anything better.