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No better powerlifting podcast

Mark Bel is knowledgable and hilarious. A MUST listen.

Best podcast ever.

Great info. Great guests. Great host. My bench press has gone up 20 pounds just listening to this show.

Hell yes!

I listen to you guys while riding on my mower for work 8 hours a day and my boss will ask me after every day why I keep laughing in the middle of the job. Not only is it funny and gets me through the day I have improved my personal confidence and work ethic through listening and have become a much better lifter and athlete all around by what these guys have to say! By far the best thing to listen to out there! Keep it up!


I really enjoy these podcasts, even as they just talk and get off the original subject. Great info. Mark is very entertaining while providing great insight on powerlifting. Discussion using same words, attitude, and tone as taking with friends.

Just Amazing

The podcast is something i look forward to every week. It is full of quality information, the three hosts Mark Bell, Jim McD, and Silent MIke are all awesome and bring their own experience into the mix, and they have the A-list of the strenth industry on their show. Its funny and informative, which is what they have been doing with supertraining.tv for a long time. My lifts have all been improved by tips from the podcast, and thats a huge thing for a newer powerlifter! I love all the Ed Coan stuff, keep bringing him back!

Greatest Health/Fitness Podcast

This is by far the most entertaining and useful podcast out there. Yes, they joke around a lot, but that makes it great. While there are jokes and clowning around, there is very helpful information in almost all episodes. Also the guests in the show are genuine and are pumped to be with these guys. Really makes for a super positive show that makes me want the podcast to be 4 hours and 3 times a week. I am always finding myself going back and re-listening to old episodes. Great content. Keep it up Smelly, Silent Mike and Jim McD.


Listened to over 50 episodes and I still love it

Love it!!

Awesome podcast!!

F@k£n awesome...

Love this show... Should try and get Elliott hulse in. That would be awesome...

Inspiring and influential

The Powercast has singlehandedly changed my life. I first began listening last year. I was not very happy with a lot in my life. Through Powerlifting, I've been lucky to have had the happiest year of my life. I went from around a 1000 lb total to over 1400. I've found direction and a set of principles to live my life by. And most of all, I've found passion for something. Thanks Mark, Jim, and Mike for all the inspiration.

Keep it up

Great podcast boys keep killing em.

Best fitness podcast period!

These guys are hilarious. Look forward to new episodes dropping every week. Great stuff!

Hooked for life

If you're into anything fitness, weight training, etc, you're gonna enjoy this podcast. Check out supertraining06 on YouTube for more awesome content from these guys. Along with Jim McD's youtube channel if ya want to watch the podcasts. Again, great content, funny as hell, and it's something different every time.

Thank you!

Thank you for all of the great inforamtion!


This is one of the best podcasts going. The interviews are amazing because the arent just about moving the barbell but what drives these athletes and what their lives outside the sport!!!


The breast podcast with the breast poop stories.

Get smart

This podcast is entertaining and helpful. They have the great guests such as an actual talking fat owl hipster and they'll also teach you how to properly perv on Instagram. Sometimes they talk about weightlifting but you can just fast forward through that.

My favorite podcast!

Mark Bells power cast is by far my favorite podcast and I listen too various podcast including rogan to the Mike Dolce podcast. The power cast is hilarious and very informative, hope it continues for many more years to come. Great work guys!!


By far the best podcast out there. I listen to it throughout my entire day to get me through it.

Great Podcast!

I love listening to the powercast. Educational, informative and freakin funny. Mark, Jim and Silent Mike have a great dynamic with each other and the guests are always good. There's something for everyone, no matter what your strength sport (Powerlifting, Strongman, Oly, Bodybuilding, Crossfit). My only critique would be that I wish there were more than one episode per week!

One of the best Podcast even

Must listen for any meatheads out there, very informative and entertaining.


I started listening to the Powercast about a year ago and I look forward to the new episode each week! Multiply your hustle, multiply your muscle!!


Been listening from the beginning and this is my weekly fix on all things lifting. Mark, Jim and Mike make for an amazing listening experience. Guest are abundant and the guys always draw out every detail from lifts to poop stories. The information provided on lifting is terrific. Amazing job guys!

Amazing show, tons of knowledge!

I just finished listening to all of the old episodes, starting from #1 to this week's (about a year and a half worth) in just about 3 weeks. I couldn't stop! Mark Bell, Silent Mikke, Jim McD have tons of knowledge and always have great guests! Slanger products are amazing too! Got the slingshot, cuffs, hammy band and gangsta wraps! Can't wait until the next episode, only wish I had all this info years ago, thank you!

Hey now...

This podcast is full of humor and great stories from people who know what's up. If you're wondering, yes, this podcast does lift.

Fantastic Show

This podcast is like no other. You will learn about powerlifting, life, and also some poop stories. With a mix of great stories and lessons from Mark, Silent Mike, and Jim you will learn something every episode. Also you will get to hear from some great guest, which will give you a different perspective. I am always looking forward to Wednesday so I can listen to the powercast!

The best out there

This podcast, scratch that, powercast, is for sure my favorite. Best part is hearing from the best in the game and learning more of the history of the sport rather than just boring you with knowledge and big useless words. Yeah, there's a lot of usefull knowledge, tons of it, but it is actually interesting. Keep up the good content and guests!


These guys are the best !!! Must listen if you don't like them then DRINK A GALLON OF BLEACH !!


Funny. Knowledge. Keep it real