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Solid Gold

The perfect balance of sound training advice, fart jokes, life lessons, poop stories, and the ever present passionate, gay undertones between Smelly and Silent Mike.

Awesome Podcast

Iv been listening to these guys for about 6 months, and these podcasts are amazing. They always offer great advice and their guests are amazing. They are funy and it never gets boring really. Even the episodes where they talk about nothing, its like Seinfield, you just keep watching becasue they are so funny. I accidentally stumbled upon the first podcast becasue I was searching for Mike Ohearn interviews online, that episode had so much info and I have been hooked since. I subscribed to thier YouTube Chanel as well and they havent dissappointed.

Funny, informative, a must listen/watch

As a small gym owner, powerlifter, and general barbell strength fan the Power Cast is always my go to. They do an excellent job of picking the brains of guests (sometimes even getting info out that is related to training) and it's hilarious.


Wicked great show! Weekly listener!

Ginger Ranger

Sweet podcast!


Entertaining and informative!


Absolutely hilarious


Great entertainment and a look into the personal lives of successful names in the fitness world.


It's like BSing in the gym if everyone in your gym was funny smart and accomplished

Too legit to quit

Still fairly new to the whole powerlifting scene and Power Cast has really helped me get acquainted with many of the big names in the sport and allowed me to hear how they came to be great. It’s not boring like many other podcasts like it and you never really know what the hell they’re going to say next.

Awesome every time.

Best podcast available if you're into lifting especially or fitness in general. Funny as well!

Great listening

Good information mixed in with good humor and always has top notch guests to share their knowledge and stories.

Relevant and Funny

Full of useful info and entertaining dialogue.


Mark Bell's Power Cast helps sift through the convoluted fitness myths propagated by supplement companies and the media. You want real strength, power, and mass? Then you should lsiten to those who have come before you and live it everyday. Mark Bell and his sidekick, Silent Mikke, are guys who live and breath strength and power. The Power Cast draws on a wide variety of guests to round out the show to include other topics; crossfit, bodybuilding, nutrition, equipment, cardio, business, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. Finally, you will laugh your a** off listening to Mark and his buddies talk as if they were at a bar having a beer; no political correctness on this show. Also, a shout out to Jim McD, the producer, for bringing it all together. Great information. Great show.

5 star

Listen to it everyday at work and it even got my boss to start lifting again.

Power project junkie

This will make you more betterest and keep you entertained.

Great podcast!

Enjoy the different guest stopping by dropping knowledge with the Super Training crew! Also they have an very informative YouTube channel supertraining06 Thanks for the content guys!

Silent mike ftw

Love it. Very funny show with great guests. Sometimes there's even a nugget of information between the poop stories and gay jokes.

#1 Powerlifting Podcast

The Supertraining team proves powerlifting is the greatest sport on earth. The information is invaluable. Great guests with interesting stories.

Great Show

I love listening to this podcast. They are entertaining, informative and articulate with their talks. If you are a lifter and want something to listen to at work, at home, during cardio, etc... This is the show for you!

Love these guys

Very informational and hilarious as hell. Everything you can expect from the super training crew

Best podcast out

My personal favorite podcast right. Great information, great comedy. It's all the things you want to know about training/nutrition without ever being boring or hard to listen to.


Lift good


Always entertaining, informative and a real pleasure to listen to.


The guys do an awesome job of entertaining while mixing in great information on training, nutrition, and life in general. My life has gotten more betterest by listening.

It's great

Thanks for the very informative podcast. And funny also...!


Very entertaining show, thank you guys. Would love if you'd invite some ipf people to the show. Cheers

two thumbs errr 5 stars up?

Sometimes you've gotta listen to some guys dick around with some cool people in the industry and this is that show. Learning more about people doing cool things in the industry is always a plus.

Informative and hilarious

This podcast keeps me motivated to keep working out, and its entertaining.

Best yet

They have been stepping up their game ( not that is was ever lacking) bringing in the top coaches and athletes in strength community. Ed Coan was obviously an awesome guest, but they've done an awesome job bringing in people from all types of sports.