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Gangsta wrap made me do it.

Easily Best Lifting Related Podcast

Mark, Mike, and Jim are easily the most entertaining guys to be able to pull off a podcast in the lifting world. They bring the best lifters in to interview and they’re always entertaining, insightful, and hilarious. Been a fan for awhile, keep it up and will always continue supporting!

Hilarious with a lot of good information thrown in!

The show is hilarious so it is fun to listen to and the information about lifting, dieting, and just life overall makes it worth the time listening. I highly recommend giving it a shot! A lot of no hetero jokes!


Get it

F**k your elbow!

The best podcast I listen to. So much great information. The humor and knowledge is top notch.

Informative, motivating, and entertaining

100+ shows later and still crushing it. Mark, Jim, and Mike have a great dynamic that even casual gym goers can appreciate. The episodes are packed with motivating and intelligent guests and content. Plus there's almost always great poop stories.

Awesome Podcast

They get the best of the business in here for the show. Funny guys and informative. Now if they could get Zydrunas Savickas on a show. Overall....awesome. 2 thumbs up

mark bell's

face is still soo fat not kinda fat but so fat. I listen on itunes and not the youtubes due to his fatness. SOMEONE HELP THAT MAN

Perfect blend of humor and useful information

Many great guests on the show that offer valuable insight into strength sports. Love the wittiness of the crew and the humility offered by the guests. one of my personal favorites.


I love the power lifters and other icons in the fitness industry that these guys bring in. It's nice getting insight from some top athletes as well as views of the industry from a business aspect. Awesome cast for anyone into bodybuilding, powerlifting, or fitness in general.

Awesome Podcast!

Recently caught up on listening to all of the episodes. Great to listen to in the gym and on my way to work. Really hilarious podcast and they manage to sneak in some actual good information too!

Hilarious and informative

One of my favorite ways to pass the time. The humor and information makes long drives pass by quick.




Really like being able to hear my favorite lifters get weird.


This podcast is swell.

Still love this podcast

Ive listened since the beginning and Mark and the guys keep getting better. Fun, funny, engaging and full of meathead fun. If you like to lift and like to laugh, then listen in. Not a comedy show, but relaxed good natured lifting info and fun. Needs more bodybuilders, though. If they can find an interesting one.

Strongest podcast ever

Informative, hilarious , respectable... Not sure what I'd do w/out a weekly dose of Mark, Jim & even Silent Mike.


The most awesomist podcast. Great information and hilarious commentary.

Getting better all the time.

Excellent guests, out of the norm heath & nutrition advice. Hilarious and informative.. All around entertaining

One of the best

Such a great show to listen to during my commute

Best podcast ever

Great podcast for anyone interested in all things strength and bowel movements

Best fitness podcast out there!!

Couldn't find a better one if you tried.


I don't even know what to say other than this is a dope podcast, with dope people, and is the first thing I listen to when the episodes come out. Couldn't speak more highly of it


This show is one of my favorite's for my morning drive to work. The perfect combination of useful information and dick jokes! What more could you ask for? Also, Silent Mike and I have the same picture face, like a deer in headlights that just thought of something mildly funny. But seriously, love the show guys, keep it up!


The best show on I tunes and the youtubes

amazing program

more poop stories, less info please.......


Good job! I enjoy every minute of this POD cast. Entertaining..


The best podcast!


These guys are awesome. So much knowledge is being passed through this podcast and they are funny as hell so it keeps it entertaining