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Great content

I really like this podcast. Silent Mike is legit.

Informative and fun.

Informative and fun podcast- a must listen-to.

Best d@mn podcast ever

These guys are the best! I'm a lifelong fan. They're doing so much more than lifting!

Well scripted podcast

It's just a group of guys sitting around the mic just shooting the sh_t. The overarching theme is powerlifting, CrossFit, general fitness. They usually have a guest within that industry to come talk about their background and the journey to how they got to where they are. It a great listen on my commute.

I love this show

I'd give the show six stars if they had more poop stories

Best podcast!

Best Podcast out...fueled by Coffee and White Monsters!! excellent guests,enjoy all the info discussed and most importantly the poop, fart and heavy mic breathing. I'll listen in the car and go back and watch It on The Youtubes for the visual. Keep it up guys! -so can I get a Hip Circle now haha

Great show about nothing!! Lol

Best there is, always waiting for the next one!!

Best fitness podcast on the Internet.

Mark Bell and co. have the best guests, are consistently entertaining, and more importantly all around good dudes. I can't say enough about this podcast, along with the JRE it's the best that iTunes has to offer.


Great show fun and informative best poop stories ever!!!!


Did it for you Jimbo

Best Ever

Best show ever always up to date info & hilarious


Always stoked for Wednesday. . Lifting advice, comedy, and good conversation!

Awesome podcast!!

One of my favorite podcasts, filled with plenty of quality content to help any lifter, from powerlifting to crossfit plus plenty of humor!!

Excellent show!

Always the best content!

Amazing power cast

I look forward to the show every week. It is filled with great advice for lifting, life philosophies, and just plain hot to be successful. Given that you guys keep it light and funny and I'm always laughing. It doesn't matter how old you are, poop jokes are always funny


Love these power cast but hate smelly and silent mike? Wait wUt haha jk , jacked & tan life baby!!

Power cast

Enjoy the show listen every week thanks guys

Love the PowerCast

They take lifting seriously w/o taking themselves seriously. Learned to deadlift from Mark's YouTube channel 2 yrs ago. Just signed up for 1st powerlifting meet. Fun & informative.

Entertaining and informative.

Incredibly entertaining and insightful views from inside the health and fitness industry. Love getting new episodes each Wednesday!

Love the Powercast

Thank you guys for always visiting powerlifting events and offering so much to the community.

My favorite podcast

Early episodes were funny but unfocused. Lately this podcast has become much more substantive and informative while remaining just as funny.


Such a fun and relatable podcast 💪

Fire up



Amazing best podcast for those into weightlifting


This podcast is great! Only one I make sure I listen to each week. And anyone looking to learn more about powerlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, strength training, or just getting jacked n tan, needs to add this to their weekly routine.


One of my favorite podcasts out there. My full support goes out to what you guys are doing for the fitness world.

Best podcast

Great podcast. I never miss an episode

Great podcast!

Mark, Norm, and Silent Mike all have great personalities and provide a great show with great info and guests!

Favorite podcast

Skwaats and poop stories...boom nuff said.

Hilariously Educational

Good laughs, great info. Best way to spend a commute