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Great podcast, keep killing it guys.

Lifting, Life, and Laughs

This is a great podcast that showcases all aspects of strength athletics for both dudes and dudettes. The stories that Jim, Mike, and Mark tell are ripe with imagery and comedy with subtle hints of real life and training lessons. If you’re looking for a great podcast, your search has now ended.




Funny entertaining and informational

Look forward

to every new episode. Amazing content.

Great podcast

Great podcast!

Best. Period

The powercast has a phenomenal combination of quality content, amazing guests, comedy. Anyone can enjoy this and will learn a lot about training, nutrition and how to have a proper tapered poop


Is Tight


I normally dont like podcasts but I check daily to see when there's a new episode of this one, its so great! Mark Bell and Silent Mike are hilarious and very knowledgable. Would give more than 5 stars if I could! #HeyNow

The best

Listen to this podcast on the way to/from work every Wednesday. It provides great information pertaining to powerlifting with just the right amount of fart and poop jokes. I definitely recommend this podcast for anyone wanting to listen and learn from the best in the sport and be entertained as well.

Great hosts

I love this podcast. I enjoy their banter and overall lack of professionalism when speaking with guests it's refreshing.


Hugely entertaining, occasionally informative, always there.

Power cast

Silent Mike, Jim McD, and Mark Bell changed my life!

GOAT podcasts

I never miss an episode. Learn something new every time

Best fitness podcast

The super training crew is always entertaining! If you pay attention you might actually learn something.

The best resource for power lifters.

Mark Bell is amazing. Silent mike is tiny. That is all.

Love It

I love the actionable information. Keep it up.


Love the show! Keep up the great work!

Game changer

Such a great show funny and informative


Great personalities and fun to listen to

Amazing guests

This podcast is hilarious. I love the guests that are on the show plus amazing powerlifting information. Silentmikke is hilarious. Thank you Jim for putting this together.

Fantastic Podcast

For anyone who either likes podcasts about working out or just some with great stories with little ads this is the podcast for you

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Don't know what I'd do without a new podcast from these guys every week. Met mark and mike at the San Jose Fit Expo and they were just as awesome in person. The most entertaining podcast out there for sure.

Hey now!

Awesome information and very funny. Interesting guests too, best fitness podcast out there.

Favorite thing to listen to!

This podcast quickly became something I listen to whenever I get the chance. Whether it's while I do my cardio, in the car, or getting ready in the morning. Perfect balance of humor and knowledge as well as awesome guests!




Poop stories and food talk. What more can you ask for. Also they give great training advice and have great guests all the time

Awesome show

This show is fantastic. Great information, great interviews with a variety of guests.


Love you all