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Best Lifting Podcast

Oh man, I love the Powercast. I initially got started with it because I’m into bodybuilding / lifting, and Mark Bell is pretty famous in that area — but the Powercast is AWESOME. It’s super funny, and Mike / Jim / Mark are all amazing hosts. They have really amazing guests, and do hilarious / casual interviews that are ALWAYS fun to listen to. Can’t recommend it enough.

Love this podcast

really helped me get introduced to powerlifting. Great, informative, and hilarious

Amazing Podcast

Ive been listening to every single episode of the PowerCast. The interviews are always great, I personally prefer more of a bodybuilding style training but love listening to all the different ways powerlifters, strongmen and crossfitters as well as bodybuilders train and compete. You will not be disappointed.

Sixth Girl

I might be the 8th, not sure if the other 2 gals hung in there! Hey, I love these guys, poop stories and all. Besides they reside in my hometown so what's not to love. If you want a lil entertainment with your barbell entree, this is a good place to be. They keep my love for lifting inspired (yes, inspiration is where you find it). At 55, lifting heavy things has become my favorite thing to do!! Try the podcast, it won't disappoint! Cheers, Rhonda

Great Podcast

Great podcast! Thanks for being such a great advocate of the sport and sharing all this knowledge.


Bench bagels. silentmike with two ks. Deep cheeks. The rhino. Slingshot. Raw. Ed coan. Smelly. Jim mickdee

Always hilarious!

Hilarious and informative!

Great Podcast

This podcast is tons of fun. It makes work go by faster.

Funny and informative

My guys! Great info for powerlifting, healthy living, and funny poop stories.


Great podcast, very entertaining and informative. Love listening to it at work.

You'll laugh, You'll learn

The episodes are hilarious and from time to time you will learn serious info for strength training


Love the Powercast!

Strongest Podcast

Jim told me to give a five star review… but really it’s awesome. It’s some comedy, but more importantly, you get some great information from elite level athletes and professionals who know what they’re talking about.

Fantastic Powercast

When I found out this podcast was free I literally jumped for joy. I absolutely love listening to it in my free time at college and a lot of his guests are so insightful and knowledgable. This podcast not only covers powerlifting and material related to that, but also life lessons and very personal subjects. Such a professionally made powercast, absolutely fantastic hosts, and always very inspirational topics that they discuss every week. Love this so much, keep up the great work guys! 5/5 stars!!

Love the show

And it applies to more than power lifting. Lessons for life.


I'm hooked. I've been listening to 3-5 of these a day to catch up and they are great

Must listen

This podcast has been a must listen for me for a long time. Lifting talk and real life talk not just philosophical dumb talk. Oh and there is poop talk.


Most entertaining lifters podcast ever

Far above the rest

By far the BEST fitness related talk anywhere. They're comical, have the best guests and even when they don't, they always have a good story about poop. Took too long to find this podcast but I'm glad I finally came across it. Great job guys. Here's your 5 star review McD.

Hilarious and informative

Best podcast for power lifter, cross fitters, oly lifters alike.


Love this podcast love ST products best day of the week is the day the new podcast comes out. Keep doing what your doing. HEYYY NOWW lets do some Sqwaaatzzz

Poop stories

Great podcast

Entertaining and Informative

Mark, Mike and Jim are a blast to listen to!

Great lifting podcast

Pros: Funny, great stories, epic guests, valuable information Cons: Don't listen if you're get easily offended Keep up the great work Mark and Co.

Awesome Podcast

Love this podcast, Mark and Mike add humor and fun to a podcast that also has a lot of quality information packed into an hour long show.

Keep the Omar episodes coming

Keep the Omar episodes coming

Love it

Don't miss it


Mark, Mike and Jim are hands down the best podcasts hosts I have ever listened to. Beyond the world class information, and diverse guests + topics discussed, they make everything entertaining, easy to understand and straight up hilarious. Why these guys do not have their own reality show is beyond me. Kudos Gents! Now its time to do some #skwaats!

For anyone into lifting

if your into lifting, fitness, or nutrition this show is for you. Top LvL athletes and industry icons speaking openly about what it takes to get to the top!