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Fanatic show; not just for entertainment!

Mark Bell is doing a great thing by providing insightful, in-depth, and FREE conversations with the best in the sport - he's really helping powerlifting become more mainstream. My only issue is Silent Mike, who I don't find very insightful and doesn't seem to add much to the conversation (his opinions are sometimes cringeworthy). Loses a star for that, but I love the show otherwise.

Awesome 95% of the time

I love this podcast! I listen to it everywhere. It's really funny and also gives you a glimpse into their guests lives. My only complaint is that if a guest gets to talking about something for what Mark perceives is too long, he will ignore what they are saying and interrupt with a non-sequitur. This is usually unnecessary and was very evident on the most recent podcast with Brian Shaw.

Funny and informational

These guys always have great guests and are hilarious. Many of the guests are very knowledgable and provide very interesting insight. I listen when I'm working out and it is consistently entertaining. I've yet to be disappointed.

Very Informative

I love this podcast because Mark, Jim, and Mike are able to bring in such diverse members of the lifting and fitness community, each with valuable knowledge to share. As a new lifter trying to make my way into powerlifting, the information that I have learned from this podcast is invaluable.

Good stuff

Because of these podcasts my days at work go by fast hearing that funny, informative and inspiring content. Because of assmuffin I started to follow you guys and do not regret looking up to all the ST team. P.s when are you guys dropping out the skwaat socks would love to buy a pair

Awesome podcast

I love listening. Very informative and entertaining. The poop stories are hilarious

Ear guzzle

I've been ear guzzling this podcast for about 3 weeks. I'm not sure what I'm going to do once I've played all of them.

Well done

Inspired to powerlift

Informative and funny

You know that new pod cast you been looking for? Well listen to this

Never Disappoints

Every epsiode entertains and does not miss a beat. Always very informative information with great array of guests. Also the topics covered hilarious. Definitely recommend a listen to whether you are into lifting or just want to hear some great material.

Best thing ever!!!!

Best thing since sliced bread!!! every episode is full of useful info! My favorite thing to listen too!

Love the show

They guys are great and full of great info. Plus they really funny. The guests are amazing and it's really cool to hear background stories from the legends of powerlifting. Keep up the amazing work fellas!

Fills my holes!!!!

I listen to a lot of podcasts and The Power Cast fills a special place in my heart!! Funny, informative and new content make this a real jem to listen to!

Great show

Awesome show. Always great talks. Every time I'm in my car I listen. Makes my days. Keep the power casts going. #HEY NOW

My favorite podcast!

Don't have to be a powerlifter to enjoy these guys

Poop PR

Silent Mike's sweet boy voice helped me hit a poop PR!


Baller podcast with funny bros talking about gym stuff

High Quality Podcast

Found this podcast searching for Layne Norton. Loads of training information, competition tips, and great interviews with some really intelligent and experienced people.



Funny, Informative, and Insightful

Mark, Mike, and Jim are a trio that seem to always entertain. I have only watched around 5 of the podcasts, but every one has been equally entertaining. Stupid humor that always brings out a laugh is matched with useful information and advice. Love this podcast and hope you guys keep making them. If you are a lifter, like lifting, used to lift, or are just starting to lift, definitely give these guys a listen.

Best podcast

This is the best fitness podcast out there!I live in sac and got mad respect for Mark, Jim, and Mike for the work they're doing! If you like powerlifting you'll love this podcast they're hilarious and have great collabs


The humor combined with the information makes for an awesome show. Love it.

Most listened to podcast

I can always count on this podcast to be entertaining and sometimes educational (mostly when Layne Norton shows up). Thanks, guys.

Strongest Podcast in the Game

I listen to this every week as soon as it drops. Best podcast in the strength game. Keep it up.

Hilarious and informative!

Great content, informative, inspirational, and of course - amazing poop stories.

Favorite Podcast

By far my favorite podcast to listen to. These guys and the guests they have on are just a wealth of knowledge. If you have a football locker room type sense of humor you will also find yourself laughing out loud throughout each episode. Give it a listen and you won't be dissapointed!

Best podcast for people who lift

As far as content and humor go, there isn't a better podcast out there. Never fails to make me laugh while providing quality content and gymspiration.

Wieners & poop stories

What else could you ask for?


Great show

Power Project

Great way to learn about new training, backgrounds of lifters, new products and the most recent poop stories.