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Entertaining yet Informative

Mark Bell and Silent Mike are both strong, funny, and full of knowledge concerning the world of fitness. They consistently host a wide range of reputable guests on their PowerCast. There aren’t many great fitness & nutrition podcasts out there, but this is one of them!

Info and comedy

Provides great information through the medium of comedy.

Jackeder and Tanerest

One of the best podcasts out there! Every episode is hilarious and filled with knowledge bombs. Anyone that has any sort of interest in the world of lifting should definitely give this a listen!

Best fitness podcast

Hilarious and informative

Mark's Balls' Powercast

Mark's Balls' Powercast. Hey now


amazing content and always entertaining!

Must listen

Best poop stories on the net! And they even talk about powerlifting a bit too!


Podcast regarding strength training on iTunes.

Freakin awesome

Siiiick show

Best Episode Ever!!

Katie Hogan episode was so great. Silent Mike's bisexual sport comparison had me rolling !!! Keep it up everyone!!!


These guys are awesome. They don't give up they are so consistent. I don't even know how many podcast they have put out but it's more than once a week. That's commitment! Thanks guys!!!


By far the best and most informative podcast on everything powerlifting. Keep getting quality people in there! I love learning what y'all have to say.

Information and Laughs, In One Place

Nothing beats driving home and listening to the Powercast. If you like learning while having a good laugh, this is the best thing.


Really great info in an entertaining way from a couple of big gurlss

Great content

Awesome podcast

Love Mark Bell!

I am a female powerlifter, but I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. This podcast is funny and informational. And everyone is so passionate about lifting, and learning more about lifting. The hosts, especially Mark Bell, are all so real and interested, and treat guests with respect and an open attitude. I wish I could hang with them all IRL.

Best podcast

Very entertaining with fun facts 💩💩💩💩💩 hey now!!!


A lot of info on lifting and funny to top it off.

Best podcast

Best podcast for meatheads

Great show

Fantastic show and very informative. This and the YouTube have been great resources to my lifting over the last year. 10/10 and have recommended to friends.

Keep being awesome

One of the three female listeners checking in🙋 listen to you guys all the time on the way to work. Thank you for all the valuable information, quality guests & laughs. -Kate Jehue, Bay Area

My favorite new show

Im a total radio junkie and meat head so this is the best thing I've found on these stupid evil smart phones in the last year or so. Great fitness advice and the homo's have an awesome sense of humor.

not a total bro show

It is like hanging with the fella at the gym while sitting at my desk. I love the tips and inspiration. Thank you guys it makes me want to lift heavier after listening

Motivation, Good Stories, & information

If you want motivation to get strong, fit, & increase longevity, listen to Mark Bells Powercast! This show interviews athletes, celebrities, trainers, etc..from all walks of life, discusses real life struggle, and provides no BS advice. From diet tips, training advice, and poop stories, the Super Training crew tells it like it is! Love the show guys! Keep up the good work!

Great podcast. Best in powerlifting community

Fun and exciting podcast. Very informative but also gives you quite a few laughs. Reminds me of casual locker room/gym talk

My favorite podcast

If you want to get stronger or have a good laugh, listen to this.

Thank you

So I only recently (last 3 months or so) started listening to podcasts. Of course I was listening to rogan. That man is hilarious and I came across the podcast that had the bell brothers on. I loved bigger, stronger, faster that movie helped open my oh so naive eyes to the world of strength. When I heard that mark had a gym in my town I was shocked, I haven't lifted iron in way to long and started to get skinny fat again. After the rogan podcast I instantly went to see if mark had a podcast and voila I found the powercast. In the last couple of months I have consumed as many episodes as I can and that is why I have to say thank you. You guys have re ignited my passion for iron. Listening to shaw, fletcher, Norton and others has made it so I want to lift again. Thank you for the help guys

Pooping While Writing This

Hey, Silent Mike! Stop interrupting Jim McD! Other than that, best podcast and source of poop stories on the internets. <in Mark Bell's high pitched sign off voice> Thank you!

Best Podcast

Knowledge bombs sandwiched between poop and short-shorts stories!

Best Ever

I love it.