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Huge fan 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Performance enhancing

Be Careful if you are listening to this at a meet because you may test positive. Still not sure for what though

Must listen!

A must listen podcast for anyone looking to win a million dollars. Host Mark Bell is having a year long million dollar giveaway.

Awesome and informative

I love this podcast!! Super informative

Always Awesome

Powercast never fails! No matter the mood you're in or the guest that is featured, it will always be entertaining and you'll learn somthing! Thanks Mark Bell!!!

Worth it

This podcast is funny entertaining and informative. This is a good time invested podcast makes me actually like work

"One of the only females who listen" as they say. lol

I love these guys!! Great show with no BS. Very funny, very motivating and always great guests on the show. They say they have very few females that listen and if so thats shame. More women in this sport should tune in. (Im not a 250lbs lesbian with facial hair either lol) but I love this show and since listening, I have improved my dead lift and squat. All the good advice and things not to do is awesome when you hear it from the pros. Its a show worth subscribing to! I live in upstate NY and wish i lived on the west coast just to train at Marks gym.. One day lol

Hilarious and Informative

I listen to this podcast every week during my commute to work. Helps start the day off right!

Another Female Listener

Gotta help this sausage fest... But seriously someone answer my question of whether you guys sit or stand when you wipe! 💩

Daily listener

Listen nearly every day, love the advice, commentary and variety of guests throughout the community. Just a regular guy from MD new to the sport of powerlifting and these guys have invariably been the biggest source of information. Keep up the great work guys!!


Thanks to marksmellybell and silentmike, I'm motivated and crushing it.

An atom bomb of comedy & powerlifting knowledge

Mark alongside his sidekicks (Mike and Jim) provide one of the best podcasts because they combine their years of powerlifting knowledge with their unique sense of humor. I think what sets them apart from the rest is the connection that they have with all of their guests. Will continue to be an avid listener!

Love the powercast

Silent Mike and Mark Bell are awesome and love the show.

Awesome, listen to on way to the gym

Listen to on the way to and from the gym, gets me ready for the workout. Nice blend of humor and knowledge!


Great blend of informative content and humor. Definitely recommended.

Lifting and Laughing

You'll laugh, sometimes cry, learn a little something. You'll end up hungry and a little horny. This is Mark Bell's PowerCast!!

Best Podcast on ITunes.

I ran across Mark and Mike on one of Stone Cold's podcast and been listening to ya since. Great information with even better humor. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the 411.

Feels good in my ears

I listen every week. Can we be best friends now?




Informative, funny, awesome. No better place to hear grown men talk about lifting weights and pooping.

Hilarious! Great Knowledge of Lifting!

This show is awesome! Talk about pieces and parts of a bunch of episodes daily. So much fun to listen to. On top of that get some great info on how to improve my lifting. Keep up the great work guys!

Best powerlifting podcast

Who can argue with poop stories? Very entertaining, funny, but you still get great tips to help you improve your lifts. Even got the slingshot which helps you bench. I can put 40lbs more than my max and rep a few. Great guests. I've downloaded old episodes I've already listened to just because this is my favorite podcast. Little bit gay, but hey, not judging.

Best podcast

I have listened to every episode. They are packed full of great info, interviews and hilarious stories. Keep it up!


I highly recommend this to anyone in the lifting community. If you like this one then you would also enjoy the Massenomics podcast.

Great show

I listened to a couple episodes with big names in the fitness industry and now I'm hooked. Started At the beginning and am listening to each one! Fun dudes that are both knowledgable and stupid.


This man here has done amazing things for the sport of powerlifting not only on the play form but here giving great content about anything and everything I tip my hat to you sir without bigger faster I would have never know you and your crew but I'd be lost in this fitness world

Love It

I love all the information and knowledge I receive from listening to the powercast.


Hands down my favorite podcast.


Seriously one of the best Podcasts in the world. I really had no interest in powerlifting but these guys are just so hilarious and really encouraging while blasting you with facts. Love it!

From the beginning

I have been listening and loving every episode from the very start. It's great that strength sports has an outstanding voice.