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Great podcast

An awesome podcast to listen to. I started listening a week ago and have become hooked. It's full of education and humor...what more could you want?

Entertaining and educational

tl;dr: Informative and entertaining show about lifting, fitness, nutrition, and poop. Give it a full episode or two before you decide if it's for you, you may not get it within the first 10-20 minutes. I'm a powerlifter, and the first time I listened to the show all I heard was BS and poop stories for 20 minutes, so I moved on. Came back to the podcast a few months after that because there was an episode with Layne Norton and I really wanted to hear what he had to say as his nutrition advice is always on point. More BS and poop stories, but I sat through it and became hooked. I went back to the beginning and have listened to every episode. The "BS" sections of the show help you get to know Jim, Mike, and Mark. Although I've never met them, the show listens like you are sitting with a bunch of your lifting buddies chatting and talking about training.

Great show. A must listen even if you don't lift.

I listen all day long while at work, I love the show, so far as of today I've listened to the a little more than half of all the episodes. I can honestly say because of the amount of info and just how funny each episode is once I finish every episode, I can go back and re-listen to them all. This show has taught me so much about lifting and the sport of powerlifting. Thanks guys for giving me something awesome and funny to listen to every day.


Fantastic! Always delivering with new up to date content. Great how they relate to current events for discussions! A must listen for anyone interested in not only lifting, but all around strength specifics

Great podcast

Best weightlifting podcast by far

No better pod cast

Great info period. Keep it up guys. Thank you.

Favorite podcast

I look forward to the powercast to come out every Wednesday and without a doubt it's there every Wednesday! 👍👍👍

Best dam fitness podcast!?!

Just finished listening to all the past podcast since their beginning. All around great discussions on all aspects of fitness. They are not biased on any diet or way of working out. I've listed to other fitness podcast and all put me to sleep. Subscribe and you will hear motivation, awesome fitness advice, and the best dam poop stories!!!

Perfect mix of information and entertainment!

These guys are top notch. You'll learn a ton and them and their guests will top off your motivation tanks. I've put 100 pounds on all my lifts since I started listening and my even my wife has commented on how tapered my poops are. Seriously though, I've been listening for over a year and look forward to every episode. There's so much good info that I frequently go back and listen to past episodes. And these guys are just awesome and motivating. They give so much great info for free and you can see their passion for lifting and everything healthy.

A highlight of my week

This is one of the podcast I look forward to most each week. The dialogue has a TON of useful information, while it involves a lot of entertaining commentary. Definitely a good mix of everything needed for a powerlifting and fitness podcast.


Love this podcast good laughs and great advice.

Great Podcast

Very informative podcast, hilarious and one of the best podcast for powerlifting/weightlifting. Started on a whim and have been binge listening since (been about 2 weeks straight now)

Love this

I'm a football player and an aspiring power lifter and I love listening to this and watching all the YouTube videos. Constantly improving my form from all the advice given! Thank you guys

Lovin it!

Greatest relaxing time of my day. Laughing and learning.

Love it

Hilarious content, amazing guests, and great information. It is nice to hear from some of the greats.

One of the best fitness related podcasts!

The hosts are undeniably power lifters, but they cover a wide range of fitness disciplines from crossfit to Highland games. There is something for everyone that has interest in strength training. Most of the advice solicited here is centered around powerlifting (strength), and weight management. The guests offer their own perspectives on training and nutrition, keeping everything fresh.

Filth and Wisdom

Without filth, there can be no wisdom.


Funny and informational content.

Great Podcast But You Wont Beleive This Review...

Mark Bell and Silent mike are the Reasons i started powerlifting. They have always given great advise from many different perspectives. The one thing i dislike about this Podcast, a thorn in my side you could call it; is the old decrepit uninteligable Jim McDonald. I understand he is one of the founders of supertraining gym and the podcast, and has probably created a numerous amount of oportunities and added revenue to the Mark Bell Brand but from what i see he is inevitably slowing down progression of the podcast. Anyways I love the Podcast keep up the good work!!!

Great Pod Cast

Awesome Pod Cast. Sometimes super funny, sometimes super educational. Always entertaining.

Freaking awesome!

Mark, Silent Mike, and Jim provide useful tips and stories, along with great guests. They do all this with the perfect balance of fart and poop stories and make an educated yet funny podcast!


My second favorite podcast. Always interesting and informative. Never would have thought a podcast covering powerlifting, bodybuilding, and cross fit would be interesting or change my life. This one certainly has. Thanks guys.

A Must Listen

Informative and Hilarious and even inspiring

#War on carbs

Down 15lbs. 60 more to go. Thanks for keeping me motivated. Mark always says this is the best diet for fat f*cks.

Highly Entertaining

Mark, Mike and Jim are very fun to listen to and they know how to make the podcast quite informative and hilarious at the same time.

Totally awesoooome

New fave poscast, cant get enough

Love this podcast!

This podcast gets me through every night at work. The poop stories are golden! If you're looking for lifting and humor you've come to the right place.

Awesome podcast

Great info, great poop stories. Always entertaining. Which you had more podcast per week. Keep up the great job, John

Great podcast

Very entertaining