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Matt Reynolds Beats the Rule of 80 with Starting Strength | Less Than Obvious Podcast S1E2

Matt Reynolds was a high school teacher and football coach who was ticking off the requirements to become a principal. Eventually all the boring, non-competitive stability--and the crushing math of the Rule of 80--made him realize he wanted more from the many years he had left until retirement. An unexpectedly successful hobby gym, and an unforeseen twist of fate, and an uncommon business approach led him to become head of a fast-growing online coaching business.

Matt is now owner/founder of Starting Strength Online Coaching, and co-host of The Starting Strength Podcast (and formerly Barbell Logic). You can find him on social media @reynoldstrong and @ssonlinecoaching.

Host: Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

Instagram: @lessthanobvious

Twitter: @lessthanobv


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Audio Engineered and Produced by Jim McDonald