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Rewind: @Trippadvice on where to meet girls | 50% Facts

We’re still on a production break for a couple of weeks or so due to a trip out of the country, so we’re revisiting some valuable episodes from the beginning (and original format) of the show. (Plus, you get to hear us to an ad read we didn’t have time to cut out.)
Here’s the original description of this episode:
Friends, dates, relationships…all pretty essential to most of us, right? But a lot of us suck at finding good places to meet potential partners.
We asked Tripp Kramer to help us help you conquer this issue. Tripp is an internationally known dating coach and founder of Tripp Advice, a men's dating advice company. He is also the creator of the popular YouTube channel "Tripp Advice," which teaches men how to become more attractive to women and the host of his own weekly podcast entitled "How To Talk To Girls."

Here are some of our thoughts on the question:
• Are some places too tacky and obvious (meat markets)?
• Should bars be off your list?
• Is the gym actually a good place or is everybody too sweaty and gross?
• Are there activities that are more likely to result in good conversation?
• Is it better to go where there the MOST opportunities or the BEST opportunities?
While we focused on the specific question of guys meeting girls, much of the advice also works for getting out of your shell and meeting new people -- period.
You can find Tripp on Instagram @@trippadvice

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