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Brian Crall Can Spot Comedy | S1 E9

Brian Crall founded the Sacramento Comedy Spot, but that’s not really what he originally intended on doing. The comedy theater itself now offers shows six nights a week and classes in improv, standup, and sketch comedy four nights a week. It’s the biggest comedy school in northern California. That’s quite an outcome for someone who was only trying to do a single show…just to see how it would go. Little did he know that the business degree he threw the towel in on would become just as important as the theater degree he actually got. For quite a long time, he was working a “real” job as a sky cap to support his family AND the theater…rather than the theater supporting him. And that wasn’t the only sacrifice he made along the way.

I started taking improv classes from Brian last August, and he ended up being on my short list of favorite people I met in 2017. Perhaps what I admire most is his ability to just let it go and perform without being afraid of failing. It’s all the more shocking that at one point he suffered with terrible stage fright.

You can find Brian on social media as @brianccomedy https://www.instagram.com/brianccomedy/ and The Comedy Spot @saccomedyspot https://www.instagram.com/saccomedyspot/

Websites: SacComedySpot.com: https://www.saccomedyspot.com/
SacComedyFoundation.org: http://sacramentocomedyfoundation.org/
More about the Harold: http://improvencyclopedia.org/games/Harold.html
12 Stars who got their start in improv comedy (including Amy Poehler, Ed Helms, Zach Woods, Aziz Ansari, Kate McKinnon, and Donald Glover: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/photos/2017/11/ucb-theatre-alumni-amy-poehler-matt-walsh#1

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