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Do golfers need to be jacked? | Full Swing documentary | PGA vs LIV | 50% Facts

The Netflix documentary series “Full Swing” takes a look at the struggles players go through to end up in the money on the PGA tour, and a new alternative format where everyone gets paid regardless of performance.

There was a time when golfers just played golf to prepare to compete at golf. That time has passed. Now, most players are in great shape and are always looking for an edge. That edge is important because it’s difficult to make big money…and keep making it…for most players on the PGA Tour. The LIV Tour, launched by the official wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, has offered a different competitive field and compensation structure for the players who are invited and decide to join. They, however, face questions around whether they will be blackballed from future PGA events and face moral dilemmas arising from the problematic, and sometimes horrifying, actions of the Saudi Royal Family.

Our friend (and huge golf fan) Dean Saddoris joined us for this one. You can find Dean on IG @deansaddoris.ck and at caffeineandkilos.com

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