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Do you have what it takes to lift and work at home FOREVER? w/Bart Kwan | 50% Facts

(This is the first of two episodes with Bart. The second will appear in a few weeks).

The experience of running multiple businesses over zoom calls, and trying to stay in shape while rarely leaving the house, was enough for Bart and his wife Geo to decide they could free themselves and their family from LA life and move to Las Vegas. The plan? To continue to largely operate remotely as much as possible. With a number of businesses, including a demanding comedy production company and a powerlifting gym with a huge membership, how do they think they’ll make it work?

Some of our questions:

• When is remote actually better and when is it worse?
• Is it harder for some than others?
• What do you do when your motivation for actually working out in a gym is the desire to be around other people?

You can find Bart on Instagram @bartkwan, at barbellbrigade.com, and on YouTube.

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