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Modest calorie restriction for longer “health span” and a droid that carries your lunch | 50% Facts

A grab bag of topics, including conversation about a new study linking moderate, “short term” calorie restriction and its impact on life span and “health span.” We also take a look at a motorized lunch box/ice chest that will follow you around so you don’t have to carry it, rate the Super Bowl halftime, and stand in judgment of a workout video posted featuring the star of the new Reacher series, based on the Jack Reacher novels.

Listener resources

Calorie restriction article here: https://scitechdaily.com/moderate-calorie-restriction-rewires-metabolism-immunity-for-longer-health-span/

The “lunch box” follow droid we talked about (not an ad – at least not one we’re getting paid for): @piaggiofastforward


The new Reacher series is on Amazon, not Netflix.
Kurt Angle is Jon Berenthal’s (The Punisher) uncle by marriage.
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