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Rewind: Dr. Andy Galpin on Cold Plunges | 50% Facts

We’re still on a production break for a couple of weeks or so due to a trip out of the country, so we’re revisiting some valuable episodes from the beginning (and original format) of the show.

We know that heat and cold shock proteins form in the body in reaction to changes in temperature, but what do they do and should we be trying hard to get them?
• How much do you need to change your body temperature to get a reaction?
• What, if anything, are cryo- chambers good for?
• Is it enough to just get hot or do you need to moving (like doing hot yoga)?
• When in a training cycle should you use them?

Dr. Andy Galpin joins us again as expert for this discussion. Andy is a tenured Professor in the Center for Sport Performance at CSU Fullerton, and holds a PhD in Bioenergetics.
Our ideas start at about 13:18.
Andy starts dropping knowledge starting at around 18:00.
Huge thanks to Andy for being our expert once again. You can find him on Instagram: @drandygalpin and his website at andygalpin.com (where there’s tons of free information). You can also find his book with Brian MacKinsey, “Unplugged” on Amazon.com

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